Our Story

Serving Central Florida since 2012, we now serve globally and with no apologies. The site was started to help Christian couples find sex toys, lingerie (Summer '24), and advice on sex.  We believe couples can purchase these products from a seller that doesn't offer items that may compromise their values or beliefs.  That being said, we have many clients over the years who are not practicing Christians. Nonetheless, they prefer to use us because of our guidelines, and product selectivity. These guidelines and policies must be met before we offer an item.

*Not backed by or endorsed by a porn stars or porn companies.

*The packaging has no nudity.

*Our products that are not anatomically correct. We believe that a toy is an enhancement not a replacement for your partner.

These are the guidelines/policies used when considering a product. 

*However from time-to-time manufacturers change their packaging and we are not notified.  If you receive a package that has nudity on it, as the owner of the company, I sincerely apologize. -Eric