Toys 101: Body Safe Materials

Soft Materials


100% silicone toys are some of the safest toys on the market. Silicone toys can either be solid material or a coated vibrator motor. Almost any toy can be made from silicone from dildos to vibrators, butt plugs to nipple suckers, and there is an impressive array of colors and shapes available. Because of its density, silicone carries powerful vibrations and it great for penetration. It slowly retains heat so it is able to warm to your body's natural temperature during play.

Medical grade silicone most used in toys is nonporous, stopping bacteria from retaining and spreading on the toy. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Wash in warm water with a mild soap, place on the top rack of your dishwasher without detergent or boil in water for a few minutes. Don’t worry about burning or melting your toy, silicone can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. When playing with a silicone toy, use a water-based lubricant. Silicone lubes can cause damage to them, affecting the texture and strength of your toy. Lint and dust are attracted to the surface of silicone toys

Jelly Rubber

For years, jelly rubber was one of the most common sex toy materials on the market because of its low price and assortment of colors. However, jelly rubber was found to contain phthalates, chemicals used to soften plastics that may be harmful to your body. They are also split with materials like latex to achieve a gloss, which makes me hard to identify for people with allergies. Jelly rubber is porous, not allowing it be sterilized 100%. However if you find yourself about to play with a toy made from Jelly rubber, we recommend using a condom or protective barrier to help keep you safe and a water based lube to protect the texture of your toy.

Synthetic Skin

Referred to by many different names including cyber skin and soft skin, synthetic skin toy are made of mixed materials like plastic, silicone, rubber and latex. Often these toys have an amazing life like appearance, being about to mold into intricate details and color gradients. They work great for gender play when it comes to harness dildos or packers. These toy are usually a little more expensive and require more detailed upkeep when it comes to cleaning and storing. It’s recommended that you dust synthetic skin toys with cornstarch after each use to maintain likes lifelike appearance and texture.

Synthetic skin toys are porous and can never be sterilized completely. Condoms and barriers are a good way to keep you protected during every use. Because of the soft material, synthetic skin toys can be prone to tears from things like nails and teeth.


One of the newer advancements in sex toy materials, Elastomer has a stunningly soft texture that transmits vibrations amazingly. Thermoplastic elastomer is made from a mixed compound of plastics and created in molds that are dusted in cornstarch to create an ideal texture. The super soft material is body safe and ideal for people with allergies to latex. As this toy is still slightly porous, think about using barriers with partners that you're not fluid bonded with when sharing this toy. There are a range of multi and single use elastomer products becoming available on the market and as this product gains popularity, we expect to see many more.

Soft Plastic (TPR / TPE)

Soft plastic toys can be some of the most affordable toy on the market. Many TPR / TPE toys are phthalate-free and latex-free, deeming them safer for your body then some plastic toys. They are, however, porous so can not cleaned to sterile and because of the mixed plastic content, it is often hard for consumers to know exactly what their toy is made from. The should be cleaned before using with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner.


Often fetishized for its feel, latex has become a specialized and sought after material within adult products and sex toys. Made from a natural rubber extracted from trees, latex takes form the world of sex as condoms, gloves, clothing, and toys and can product a ‘second skin’ effect.  However, there are many people allergic to the material. Cleaning and caring for latex can be tricky as latex sheet can be relatively weak. Often talc is used to get garments on and silicone-based lube is used to create ‘shine’. Clean with warm water and a natural, mild soap, being sure to dry thoroughly with a soft, low lint cloth. Store flat in a cool, dry area.


Nylon is often used as an alternative to leather in BDSM items and fetish clothing. Nylon is the only porous sex toy material that can be machine washed (though avoid using as dryer as your goodies will melt!), making it easier to care for then it’s leather counterpart.


Vinyl is also an alternative to leather when it comes to fetish clothing and items. It can also be used as a coating on motorized toys. Be careful when it comes to heat as that can affect the color of some vinyl items. To clean use a small amount of liquid detergent with cold water and hang dry. Silicone spray can be used to create shine and luster.


A favorite in BDSM toys and gear, leather will forever be a symbol within these sexy industries. However, it can hard to clean, especially on products with stitching and seams. There are many leather cleaners, such as saddle soap, and conditioners out there. However, it is important to ensure any products you use on your leather toys are body safe if you’re using or placing these items on your skin. There are many grades of leather from full grain leather to bonded leather.


Suede is often used in BDSM toy, especially floggers and whips, because of its grainy texture and, when used with force, sharp penetration. If your items ever become wet during play, hang them to dry and when dry, use a suede brush or stone to bring back the grain. This may remove dirt, however there is now wat to clean your suede items 100%. Avoid using suede shoe sprays as they can be harmful to the skin.

Hard Materials

Hard Plastic (ABS)

There are a huge range of toys made from hard plastic, especially vibrators because of its ability to carry vibrations well. Some hard plastic motorized toys come with a variety of covers to switch up your toy experience and soften vibrations. Hard plastic toys are easy to clean with soap and water. However, follow “How to clean my toy” guide when it comes to cleaning your motorized hard plastic toys.


When it comes to hard material toys, Glass is often a favorite because of its diversity in colors and shapes. Glass toys are often made from super safe, medical grade glass and their nonporous nature allows them to be sterilized between every use. They are safe to use with any lube and their smooth, polished surface allows it to be inserted into the body with ease. Glass toys also retain heat and cool, allowing for fun with temperature play. However, if you’re looking for a toy to contour to your body, this hard material may not be the one for you. Be careful to check your toy for cracks or chips between playtimes as these can cause harm when used on your body.


Acrylic toys are not too common; however, they are usually body safe and non-porous. They can be used with any kind of lubricant, however, avoid cleaners that have alcohol or acrylic in them as this can affect the color and texture of your toy. Acrylic toys can chip or shatter if dropped on a hard surface.


Crystal and natural stone toys are growing with popularity in our society with the blend of pleasure and spirituality. Different stones have different energies and properties to help and guide with an array of issues, ailments, and areas.  Because crystals can only be polished, not sealed, it is recommended to keep crystal toys for solo play or consider using a barrier when sharing with people you're not fluid bonded with.


Though not common, ceramic toys are body safe as long as they are glazed with a non-porous glaze and kiln fired.


Wood, though not often used, can make a versatile material for sex toys. Ensure that any toy you use is polished and sealed, saving you from splinters and letting you clean your toy easily with a soft sponge. Different types of wood used will affect the weight of wood toy.

Stainless Steel

This elegant material is non porous, allowing it be super hygienic and easily cleaned. The natural weight of stainless steel can be a fun sensation with insertable toys as well as its ability to retain temperature. You can use any lube your prefer with stainless steel toys allowing their smooth surface you please your goodies. Stainless steel toys are safe to store with other toys and are not easily damaged.


Another metal that can be used, Aluminum toys tend to be lighter than their stainless-steel counterparts. Most aluminum toys are powder coated with body safe coloring.