Toys 101: What Are Toys Made Of

What is Your Vibrator Made Of? 

Just as vibrators come in different shapes and sizes, they are also made from all kinds of materials. Vibrators can be hard-shelled—made of Pyrex, plastic, gold or aluminum. Lots of vibrators are soft, bendable and flexible; it's more likely that these were constructed of silicone, rubber, latex, jelly, a jelly/silicone blend or Cyberskin (a material that mimic the feel of real skin). In the following paragraphs, we'll discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of each type of material. We hope this information helps you make an informed and pleasing decision.

Hard-Shell Vibrators

Hard-shell vibrators are usually crafted from a hard plastic material. Hard-shell vibrators are ideal for on-the-spot internal or external stimulation. The vibrations of a hard-shell vibrator that is powered by two AA batteries will feel much stronger than those from a soft vibrator that utilizes the same power supply. Hard-shell vibes are easy to clean as well. Hard-shell vibrators are sometimes made of Pyrex (a type of glass), gold or aluminum. These materials can be cooled or heated for added sensations.

Soft Vibrators

Vibrators constructed of a soft material are usually made from silicone, jelly or Cyberskin. These vibrators are best for penetration. These vibrators can be smooth or textured, and come in all sorts of shapes.

100% silicone vibrators are considered the highest quality soft vibrators. Silicone is clean, safe, and hypoallergenic. Silicone also diffuses vibrations well, for an all-over vibrating feel. Silicone vibrators are a little pricier, but they last the longest and feel the best. They retain body heat too. You should not use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone vibrator; it will break the material down. Use a water-based lubricant like Astroglide instead. Some vibrators claim they are made of silicone, but are really composed of a silicone/rubber blend.

Jelly Vibrators

Jelly vibrators are made of rubber materials. They are generally inexpensive and vibrate less intensely than hard-shell or silicone vibrators. Jelly vibrators are soft and have some give, so they feel great. These vibrators are porous and cannot be disinfected, meaning disease can be passed between partners if jelly toys are shared.

Latex Vibrators

Latex vibrators are generally stiff with a soft, velvety texture. They have a consistency somewhere between plastic and jelly. A lot of realistic vibrators are made of latex, since latex visually mimics skin tones well. Latex gives off a strong odor that some find offensive. Make sure to take into consideration any allergies you may have before buying a latex vibe.

Cyberskin/UR3 Vibrators

Cyberskin vibrators simulate the look and feel of real skin. They are soft yet firm, and warm up to your body temperature quickly. A Cyberskin vibrator usually comes with toy cleaner and talc, both of which prolong the life of this unique texture. Ultraskin, Superskin and Pleasureskin perform similarly to Cyberskin. We carry some men's sex toys that are made of Cyberskin, but we've phased a lot of Cyberskin women's vibrators out. That's because our favorite material, silicone, is becoming more popular and less expensive.

When picking the material for your next vibrator, keep in mind what pleases you. If you like strong vibration and on-the-spot stimulation, try a plastic vibrator. If you desire a vibrator for penetration, try a jelly vibe. Check out a silicone vibrator to get the best of both worlds. Personal preference is the best indicator of what type of vibrator to choose.