Troubleshooting Your Toys


Try new batteries.
Placing brand new, fresh batteries into your toy may get it going again. You should always remove the batteries from your toy when it is not in use. With some toys, the batteries will drain even if the toy is not in use.

Have you put in the correct number of batteries?

Different toys will use different sizes of batteries as well as different quantities of batteries. Please double check the product listing to be sure you are using the correct size and quantity.

Have you placed the batteries in the correct position?

If your toy is not working it, could be that the batteries have been put in incorrectly. Look inside or around the battery compartment for the indicators as to which way the batteries should be inserted to ensure they are placed in the correct way.

Check the battery compartment.

Some vibrators, especially bullet and peanut vibes, are supplied with the batteries already inserted. These often will have a small piece of paper or plastic in the battery compartment that will need to be removed to power your item.

Is your toy rechargeable?

Some rechargeable toys will arrive to you partially charged. If your toy turns on when you receive it, then you will want to be sure that you fully use the item until it is depleted before charging it for the first time. Most toys will need to be charged for approximately 6-8 hours. Please follow the 6–8-hour guideline unless the packaging and/or instructions state otherwise.

Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Regular alkaline batteries are the best choice for your toys. Rechargeable batteries can be slightly bigger and could potentially cause issues when securing the battery compartment.

Is the battery cap positioned correctly?

With many screw-cap toys, customers need to be sure that the base covering the batteries is positioned correctly. At times this can mean that the cap needs to be tightened thoroughly, or it could mean that the cap needs to be slightly loosened. If your toy does not turn on right away, try playing with the cap a bit to make the right connection with the batteries. Also, it is possible that the inner springs in the battery compartment may have been compressed too much and they are now not allowing proper connection; a gentle tug on the spring can bring your toy back to life.

My toy smells funny!

Most rubber, PVC and vinyl dildos tend to have a funny smell due to the nature of the materials and manufacturing process. Allowing the item to be exposed to the open air as much as possible can help alleviate the smell. Also, rinsing the item in warm water and baking soda can help lessen the odor. The smell should gradually fade with proper cleaning using warm water and Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner as well.

The Switch is Not Pressed Long Enough / Pressed Too Long

Usually, people hold the control button too long or not long enough, some need to be pressed quickly, and some need to be pressed shortly for a few seconds. We always suggest you familiarize yourself with the control before using it, don’t confuse the user with the rest of the vibrator.

Charging Time is Not Long Enough

Many rechargeable products must be fully charged when first used. Each product has detailed instructional information on how long you are advised to charge your sex toy, each manufacturer’s sex toy first charge time is different, and different manufacturers charging times may vary from 2 to 8 hours.

It’s Not Charging

Connect the charger ultimately to the vibrator and the power supply. There can be no looseness. The magnetic charger must be firmly attached to the vibrator. If you insert it backward, the magnetic charger will have a resisting force allowing you to reinsert it back into the correct position. The magnetism may have disappeared if it no longer has a resisting force. This time you must be careful not to go in the wrong direction. The magnetic field must remain intact for the entire time/duration of charging.

If the charger is not fully inserted or in the wrong direction, it will lead to charging failure.

If you use the computer to charge the vibrator, please ensure the laptop is open, not on standby.

Please check the USB charging cable and whether there is any problem with the line, such as the line being broken or failing to charge.

Check the Charger

Most vibrators use a USB charging cable, but the other end of the USB may be on the computer, or a charger may be used, which releases a different current. Please use the manual recommended way to charge. If you use one of the charging heads after reaching the charging time of the manual, you still can not provide enough power, then please change the charging head.

Then check that all ports are clean and free of sticky substances, dust, lint, etc., which may obstruct the contact connections in the USB.

Check the Travel Switch

If the vibrator has a travel lock, it may need to be disarmed to be used. The manual should have informed you how to turn off the travel lock and let your vibrator work properly.

Remove the Protective Paper

Remove the protective paper. Some vibrators have a protective piece between the battery and the vibrator to prevent the battery from automatically releasing power and flowing out electrolytes that corrode the vibrator after it is put in. If there is protective paper, then how to operate the switch, the vibrator will not work. So please tear off the protective paper between the connection point and the battery.


Even if you use the battery correctly and place it in the right way if the battery cover is not tightened, it may lead to poor contact between the battery and the connection point, resulting in insufficient power supply, and it may work suddenly and not work suddenly when you use it. So make sure it is all threaded correctly and screwed tightly, and check the base of the vibrator.

Open the App to Check for Updates

If your vibrator is connected to an APP, sometimes it needs a firmware update to work correctly, so after using the APP connection, check if there is a message to remind you to update the firmware. If there is a reminder to update the firmware in time, sometimes the old firmware is a security risk. The manufacturer may suspend the operation of the old firmware and forcibly update the new firmware.

Water Damage

If your sex toy is not waterproof and has been exposed to water or moisture, this could cause it to malfunction or stop working altogether.


If your toy has been exposed to moist environments, the internal components may rust and stop working. Corrosion on the battery terminals can prevent the batteries from making proper contact, which can cause the toy to stop working.

Damaged Wiring

If your vibrator has been dropped or mishandled, it’s possible that the internal wiring has become damaged. This could cause the vibrator to stop working or malfunction. If this is the case, you may need to replace the toy.

Motor Issues

The motor in a vibrator can also wear out or become damaged over time. If your toy is no longer vibrating or is vibrating less intensely than before, it could be a sign of motor problems.

Dirty or Clogged Mechanism

Over time, dust, hair, or other debris can accumulate inside the toy and clog the mechanism. This can prevent it from working correctly. If your sex toy uses batteries, dirty battery terminals can prevent the batteries from making proper contact and cause the toy to stop working.

Physical Damage

If your sex toy has been dropped, hit, or otherwise physically damaged, this can cause internal components to break or malfunction.


Some sex toys may overheat if used for extended periods, so take breaks if necessary and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Broken Switch

If the on/off switch on your sex toy is broken, it may not turn on or off properly.

Sensor Issues

If your sex toy has sensors that detect movement or pressure, these sensors may malfunction if they are dirty or damaged.

Lubrication Issues

Using the wrong type of lubricant or not using enough lubricant can cause friction and damage to the toy, preventing it from working correctly.

Charger Port Blockage for Vibrators

If you are encountering issues with the charging of your vibrator and the charging cord is directly connected to the device, inspect the charging port on the device. Dirt or other debris may block the connection, resulting in an incomplete charge. To rectify the situation, it is recommended to clean the port by blowing air into it to expel any particles that may be lodged inside. However, caution should be exercised to ensure no foreign objects are inserted into the port. After cleaning, attempt to charge the device again to determine if the connection has improved.