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Pdx Elite Moto Milker Masturbator

Pdx Elite Moto Milker Masturbator

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PDX Elite Moto Milker Penis Stroker from Pipedream Products. Intermitting thrusting strokes for you. Thrust and vibrates. The PDX Elite Moto Milker elevates masturbation with powerful intermittent thrusting for the ultimate stroker experience. It is a perfect storm of sensation for heightened solo sex sessions that can be customized to your personal moods! Get ready for explosive hands free thrusting surrounding your penis with ultra soft automatic stroking action! Your ultimate masturbation experience is ready when you are!

Intermittent Thrusting technology. The ultra strong motor provides 10 deep, pleasing thrusting modes. Intermittent thrusting automatically strokes your penis up and down for pleasures beyond your wildest dreams! Personalize your power. Enjoy 10 modes of vibration 9 modes of thrusting! Strategically positioned to maximize stimulation to your penis, the powerful vibrator will tease and please! Try all 10 modes of each and customize your pleasure! Ultra Soft Sleeve. The extraordinary feel of the ultra-soft sleeve caresses your penis with every stroke from the powerful motor. The round nubbies wrap around your entire shaft while the Moto Milker automatically strokes and vibrates for mind-blowing stimulation! USB Rechargeable.

Overall length 9.8 inches. Width 3.5 inches. Inner diameter 2.25 inches. Penetrable depth 5 inches. Package size length 4 inches, width 4 inches, height 11.7 inches. Charger type USB-C. Charge time 120 minutes. 

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